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Ningbo Hentek Dragon Electronics Co., Ltd is a well-established manufacturer and exporter supplying a wide range of cables and accessories. Our energetic and experienced staff and workers have been working in the cable manufacturing industry for many years. Our factory is situated at Ningbo where industrial development is growing tremendously and equipped with all sort of favourable supporting facilities.The areas of our expertise include knowledge of producing and designing cables and components to meet the market and specific customer requirement.

Our principal objective is to offer top quality products at competitive prices and we aim to enhance our effectiveness to achieve customer satisfaction. From the point of incoming materials to finished products that are ready for delivery, each operation is managed with strict supervision and control so as to provide smooth processing and full support to customers.Continue product innovation and development is not only our business strategic approach but also our long term mission we pursue.

Any customer is welcome to enquire about our products. HenTek can also provide extended services to customers who are seeking OEM manufacturing partner to capture the rapid changing market.